Common Problems and Solutions for Ice Maker

The ice maker is a mechanical device that can cool water into ice through a refrigeration system. The ice made can be used for food cooling or in the cooking process of food to increase the flavor and taste, but the ice making machine will have many failures due to long-term work, and there are corresponding solutions for the different  failures.

I. The compressor works but does not make ice

Reason: The refrigerant leaks or the solenoid valve is damaged and not closed tightly.

Solution: After leak detection, repair the leak and add refrigerant or replace the solenoid valve.

II. The compressor works for cooling, and the water pump works for pumping water. The ice cubes continue to thicken, but the dehydration process cannot be used to lose ice

Reason: The failure of the water temperature probe makes the intelligent control system unable to effectively sense the water temperature and work, misjudging the program error, or the controller failure.

Solution: Use a multimeter to measure the resistance of the water temperature probe (when the water temperature in the water tank is close to 0℃, unplug the three-core wire in the control box and test the resistance of the two wires on both sides), if the resistance is lower than 27K above, it is judged that the controller is broken and should be replaced. If the resistance is lower than 27K, you need to disconnect any of the two wires, and adjust the resistance to 27K to 28K by connecting the resistance in series. 

III. The machine enters the deicing program (the water pump stops working, the compressor stops cooling) but the ice does not fall off

Reason: The defrost solenoid valve is damaged.

Solution: Replace the solenoid valve or outer coil.

IV. The water shortage light is on but the machine does not automatically get water

Reason: There is no water in the pipeline, or the water inlet solenoid valve is faulty and the valve does not open.

Solution: Check the water inlet of the pipeline, and restart the machine after opening the waterway if there is no water. If the water inlet solenoid valve is faulty, replace it.

V. The compressor is working but the water pump has not been working (no running water)

Reason: The water pump is damaged or the water pump is blocked due to the internal scale .

Solution: Clean or replace the water pump.

VI. The power indicator has been flashing quickly and the machine does not work

Reason: The water temperature probe is open circuit.

Solution: Open the rear cover, and open the electrical control box cover above the compressor to find a three-core connector, then check whether there is any disconnection or poor contact, and plug it in again.

Post time: 2020-11-16

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