Tips for Using Rotary Evaporator


Rotary evaporator, also called rotary evaporation equipment, is a distillation device commonly used in laboratories, mainly used for continuous distillation of volatile solvents under reduced pressure. Composed of motors, distillation flasks, heating pots, condenser tubes and other parts, rotary evaporator is widely used in multiple scenarios in many industries, including chemistry, chemical engineering, bio-medicine and other fields. However, many people do not know how to use a rotary evaporator. The following is a  brief explanation of how to use the rotary evaporator correctly.


I. Host height adjustment

Manual lifting: the hand rests the head and slide up and down, or use the hydraulic lever to rotate the host to go up and down. Electric lifting: there are (dual insurance: film button and rocker button) and up and down buttons, touch the up button, the host goes up, and touch the down button , the host goes down.


II. Condenser connector

There are two external joints on the condenser of the rotary evaporator that are connected with the internal serpentine tube, which is used to get the cooling water. One end is connected to the inlet pipe, the other end is connected to the outlet pipe. Generally, it is connected to tap water. The lower the condensing water temperature, the better the effect (can be equipped low-temperature cooling circulation device). One of the nozzles connected with the internal straight pipe is a vacuum connector, which is connected to the vacuum pump tube for vacuum.


III. Before use

Turn on the main power and turn the speed control knob to the left before turning on the machine. Press the power switch and the indicator light is on, and then slowly turn to the right to the required speed. Generally, large evaporating flasks use medium or low speed, and solutions with high viscosity use a lower speed. The flask has a standard port 24# or 29#. if the included flasks are not enough ,they can be purchased separately. The amount of solution is generally not more than 60%.


IV. In use

When using the rotary evaporator, you should turn on the cooling water first (if the tap water cooling effect is not good, the material will be vacuumed away, you need to be equipped with a low temperature circulation device), and then start to reduce pressure, adjust the heating temperature you need, generally it is set at half of the boiling point of the material +5C° around 0.095mpa vacuum, and then turn on the motor to rotate the distillation flask.


V. After use

At the end, the rotary motor of the rotary evaporator should be stopped first, and then the atmosphere should be vented to prevent the distillation flask from falling off during rotation and the vacuum pump is sucking backward.


Post time: 2020-11-02

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