Maintenance of Glass Reactor

The double-layer glass reactor is an ideal test and production equipment for the preparation of modern synthetic chemicals, biopharmaceuticals and new materials. It utilizes the characteristics of double-layer glass, puts reaction materials in the middle layer, stirs and reacts under normal pressure or negative pressure. Therefore, the equipment is easy to wear out, so the maintenance of the glass reactor is very important. Let’s take a look at what should be paid attention to in its maintenance?


1. Check the instrument carefully before use to see whether the glass bottle is damaged and whether the interfaces are consistent. Be careful to handle it gently.  

2. Wipe each interface with a soft cloth (can be replaced by a napkin), and then apply a little vacuum grease. (Be sure to cover the vacuum grease after use to prevent dust from entering.)   

3. The ports of the glass reactor should not be screwed too tightly, and should be loosened regularly to avoid long-term locking and causing the connector to seize. 

4. Turn on the power switch first, then let the machine run from slow to fast, and then turn off the switch when the machine is stopped. 

5. PTFE switches in different parts can't be tightened excessively, which may damage the glass.  

6. After each use, remember to use a soft cloth to wipe off various oil stains, stains, and solvent remaining on the surface of the machine to keep it clean. 

7. Loosen the PTFE switches after the machine stops, and the PTFE piston will be deformed if it is stationary for a long time.  

8. Clean the sealing ring regularly by removing the sealing ring, checking whether there is dirt on the shaft, wiping it with a soft cloth, then applying a little vacuum grease and reinstalling it to keep the shaft and the sealing ring smooth.  

9. The electrical parts must not be exposed to water or damp.  

10. The original accessories must be purchased. Using other accessories at will can cause fatal damage to the machine.  

11. When doing any repair or inspection on the glass reactor, be sure to cut off the power and water source first.


The above are some aspects to pay attention to and some maintenance skills when using the glass reactor. I hope it will be helpful to everyone and can better extend the service life of the instrument.

Post time: 2020-10-26

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