Precautions for using horizontal shaker

Constant temperature culture shaker (also known as constant temperature oscillator) is widely used in bacterial culture, fermentation, hybridization and biochemical reactions, enzymes, cell tissue research, etc., which have high requirements for temperature and vibration frequency. It has a wide range of applications in biology, medicine, molecular science, pharmacy, food, environmental protection and other research fields.

The constant temperature culture shaker is a very important scientific research test instrument, so the following matters should be paid attention to in use to ensure that the instrument has better performance:

1. It is strictly prohibited for other objects to hit the machine.

2. It is strictly forbidden to move the machine during normal work.

3. Clean the machine in time after use, and no water droplets or dirt residues should be left.

4. Cut off the power first, and then replace the fuse.

5. The power socket should have good grounding measures.

6. The appliance should be placed on a firm work surface, the environment should be clean and tidy, and well ventilated.

7. It is strictly prohibited for other unrelated persons to approach the machine to prevent accidents.

Post time: 2020-09-07

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