Failure analysis of micro oscillator

The micro oscillator is an indispensable instrument for clinical analysis for various hemagglutination tests, passive hemagglutination tests, complement fixation tests, latex agglutination tests, etc. The micro oscillator can be used for micro samples and biological bacteria in scientific research institutions, health departments and biochemical laboratories. , Virus immunization, clinical testing and routine laboratory analysis.
The micro-oscillator has a novel appearance and mixes the liquid in the petri dish. The working plate is made of silica gel to ensure that the liquid does not overflow. The surface can control the speed and time. The rubber suction cup feet can fix the body on the workbench at the same time. Mixing multiple petri dishes is one of the commonly used instruments in laboratories, hospitals and other units.
In the process of using the micro oscillator, it is inevitable that there will be some failures, and some small failures can be judged and dealt with by yourself. The following analysis how to judge the root cause of the failure will know the corresponding treatment method:
1. The micro oscillator can work normally, but the speed display screen is not bright. This phenomenon is generally that the speedometer has no power supply. Check whether there is 12v (AC) input. If there is, check whether the speedometer has 5v DC output. There are many phenomena. If there is no 12v (AC), check the power circuit.
2. For circuits with speed feedback (after setting the speed, the speed deviation is ±1rpm), the general accompanying phenomenon is that the speed is uncontrollable (the speed exceeds 300rpm) or it stops when it starts, and the display shows the speed as "0" , This fault is mostly sensor damage or offset.
3. The micro oscillator can be used normally, but the speed is displayed as "0". This phenomenon is generally manifested as the sensor is broken or the sensor is displaced due to external force and the loosening of the screw during installation during use, and the speed measuring magnet may fall off ( It is suitable for Hall sensor, not for photoelectric sensor).
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