How to maintain the pipette?

Frequently used pipettes should be maintained every six months. The beginning process of removing the pipette is as follows:

1. Press the nozzle ejector rod, pierce the top of the equipment into the slot at the bottom of the ejector rod, and pull out the nozzle ejector shaft sleeve and the nozzle ejector rod.

2. Turn the mouth cone counterclockwise with the equipment special tool and remove it, and pull out the plunger rod.

3. Remove the O-ring from the taper rod. Note that 5uL~50uL pipettes have two O-rings, which can be removed using the thin end of the plunger rod.

4. Clean the plunger rod, plunger spring and O-ring with a dry lint-free cloth, and check whether there are dust particles in the plunger body.

5. Wipe the parts and apply high-vacuum stopcock grease, re-assemble each part into a pipette.

6. Verification from the beginning.

Post time: 2020-08-17

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