Correct installation of laboratory hood fans

1. The basic requirements of laboratory fume hood fans are level and firm, and the foundation height is ≥200mm.
2. The steel support of the laboratory fume hood fan must be fixed on the concrete foundation, and the rubber damping pad must be added between the steel support and the foundation of the laboratory fume hood-fan. All fan and motor components are installed on a single piece of steel support, and the steel ground frame is installed on the vibration damping pad on the top of the foundation. The vibration damping pad is preferably a porous rubber sheet.
3. The pipe diameter of the fan outlet can only be larger, not smaller. The air outlet must be installed with an anti-insect net, and a weather cap must be added when the wind is biased upwards.
4. The laboratory fume hood fan and the air pipe are connected by hose (flexible material and non-burning), the length should not be less than 200mm, and the pipe diameter is the same as the inlet and outlet size of the fan. In order to ensure that the hose does not appear to be twisted during the operation of the system, the tightness of the installation should be appropriate. The canvas hose installed at the suction end of the fan can be installed slightly tighter to prevent the fan from being sucked in when the fan is running and reduce the cross-sectional size of the canvas hose.

Post time: 2020-07-27

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