How to clean desktop low speed centrifuge

First, add the materials to be separated into the centrifuge tubes of the desktop low-speed centrifuge and insert them into the holes of the centrifuge head. (However, the amount of material added to each centrifuge tube must be basically the same) Close the cover, turn on the power, turn on the power switch, the power indicator light is on, and then select the "time selection" device to the centrifugal working time you need or choose to Open position (counterclockwise final point), at this time, the desktop low-speed centrifuge enters the working state, the speed regulation is the selection of the centrifugal speed, and its working state is about 500-4000 rpm. You can choose the appropriate location according to actual needs.
Particles of different density, size or shape settle in centrifugal occasions at different speeds, so a roughly spherical heterogeneous mixture can be separated by centrifugation. The desktop low-speed centrifuge is to further study biochemistry and separate a large amount of substances. .
1. Clean the cavity and rotor of the centrifuge, and dry the condensate in the cavity.
2. After use, open the door until the temperature in the cavity returns to normal temperature.
3. Balance the sample before centrifugation.
4. Pay attention to disinfection and sterilization after centrifugation.
5. If necessary, pre-cool the rotor and maintain and store the rotor. Pay attention to protect the counter ring at the bottom.
Post time: 2020-07-06

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