Sterilization by ultraviolet sterilizer principle

The sterilization principle of the ultraviolet sterilizer is to use the irradiation intensity of the ultraviolet lamp, that is, the irradiation intensity emitted by the ultraviolet sterilization lamp is inversely proportional to the distance of the disinfected object. That is, when the water stays in the ultraviolet light for a long time, the sterilization effect is good. The closer to the light source, the better the sterilization effect. Our company uses a high quality lamp to design a 30W treatment flow rate of 1.5 tons / hour, and so on. We use 145W high power lamp.

The ultraviolet sterilizer has the characteristics of no dead angle, good light emission conditions, low energy consumption, flexible and convenient installation and removal of equipment, and no secondary pollution. The ultraviolet sterilizer is sterilized by chlorine gas. It has no need to add chemical agents, no secondary pollution, no The mixing equipment greatly reduces the operating cost of the equipment. If it is drinking water, the ultraviolet sterilizer is safe and will not adversely affect the human body because of the excessive amount of medicine.

Compared with ozone sterilizer, UV sterilizer has the advantages of low energy consumption, no large mixer, no fishy smell, etc. It not only has a good appearance, but also reduces operating costs. My company uses high quality brand lamps and domestic high-quality UV lamps, UV lamp management theory life span up to 8000 hours.

Post time: 2020-05-25

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