Water quality analyzer precautions

Water quality analyzer is suitable for water source monitoring, environmental monitoring stations, municipal water treatment processes, municipal pipe network water quality supervision, rural tap water monitoring; circulating cooling water, swimming pool water operation management, industrial water source recycling, factory aquaculture and other fields.
1. The system must be completely closed during testing. The occurrence of reagent leakage will directly affect the accuracy of test results. Poor sealing results in Karl Fischer reagent absorbing air moisture during the test, which delays the titration endpoint.
2. After sampling with a sampler quickly and accurately, try to shorten the opening time of the reaction cell as much as possible.
3. The speed of magnetic stirring is so long as no turbulence is formed.
4. In order to shorten the test time, the titration time is fast first and then slower. Slowing down when approaching the end point can improve the measurement accuracy.
5. After the test is completed, first drain the Karl Fischer reagent in the system, and then clean it with methanol. The system cannot be washed with water because it is not easy to volatilize, which will cause the calibration of the Karl Fischer reagent to be incorrect in the next test.
6. Keep the moisture analyzer away from strong magnetic fields to avoid abnormalities during work.
Post time: 2020-03-27

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