The correct inspection method of vacuum pump

The correct inspection method of vacuum pump:


         1. See if the main technical performance (vacuum degree, etc.) of the vacuum pump meets the design requirements or process requirements, whether the auxiliary equipment such as the condenser is complete, whether the equipment is running smoothly, the sound is normal, there is no overheating, and the enclosure is good.


         2. The indicated values of the vacuum gauge are correct and should be checked regularly: each valve is well sealed, flexible opening and closing, no leakage, no leakage in the pipeline, and regular inspection.


         3. The lubricating system of rotary vane vacuum pump equipment is good and the lubricating oil quality meets the requirements, and regular inspections and oil changes are required.


         4. Vacuum pump and cooling system facilities are clean and tidy, without rust.


         5. The motor is reasonably equipped, running normally (temperature rise and sound is normal), the electrical circuit is safe and reliable, there are grounding protection measures, the electrical device (control cabinet) is reliable, the electrical instrument indication is correct, and the safety protection device is complete.

Post time: 2020-01-02

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