Maintenance of stainless steel distilled water

1. The electrical part of the distilled water device should be inspected regularly and reliably grounded.
2. The distilled water device must be operated by a special person, and it must be explained in detail when replacing the new operator.
3. When the user replaces the electric heating tube by himself due to maintenance, the gasket at the joint must be well lined to ensure no water leakage. Otherwise, it will cause the head of the electric heating tube to break down when it is energized due to the adhesion of water droplets. Tighten the screw caps at the joints of the various wire ends to avoid sparks after being energized and burn the head of the electric heating tube.
4. The newly purchased distilled water device should be cleaned first, and it should be cleaned by evaporating after more than eight hours. Then use it formally to ensure that the water quality meets the requirements (cleaning can be performed according to 2).
5. The interior should be washed once every day before use, and the stored water should be drained off. Replace with fresh water, so as not to cause the scale to reduce the water quality and affect the use effect.
6. Impurities in the water source will be left after evaporation, especially when the tap water is of poor quality and is not treated, after evaporation, there will be sediment in the pot, which will condense on the barrel wall, the surface of the electric heating tube, and the condenser The inner wall of the shell, the return pipe and other places accumulate day by day, which not only hinders the smooth flow of the waterway, but also affects the condensation effect, which reduces the amount of water produced. For the electric heating pipe, it will also accumulate its heat and shorten its service life. Therefore, the above-mentioned scales should be removed frequently. Removal methods: You can use a hair brush to scrub a layer of dirt on the surface. However, depending on the combination of dirt, use a weak acid or alkali solution for cleaning. When washing, please be careful: do not use too much force to damage the parts.
7. The heating element of the distilled water device is an immersed electric heating tube. Its structure uses nickel-chromium alloy as the main heating element, which is buried in the center of the copper tube, and is surrounded by magnesium oxide potting as insulation. Therefore, once the water is cut off, the heat emitted cannot be absorbed by the water, which will cause the copper pipe sheath to rupture and burn. Therefore, it must be immersed in water.

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