How to distinguish a good quality ultrasonic cleaner

What are the characteristics of a high-quality ultrasonic cleaner? A high-quality ultrasonic cleaner should have extremely simplified operation, and the cleaning efficiency and effect are also superior to ordinary cleaners.
1.Check the power of the ultrasonic cleaner
The cleaning effect of the ultrasonic cleaner is determined by the size of the cavitation effect, and the greater the power, the greater the degree of cavitation, but excessive power will cause a large number of bubbles in the cleaning liquid, which will strengthen the corrosion of the cleaning vibration plate. , Greatly reducing the service life of the instrument. If the power is too small, the cleaning effect will be worse. Therefore, users should pay more attention to the stability of the power of the cleaner in the identification process. Ultrasonic cleaners with excessive power or excessive power should not be considered.
2.Pay attention to the frequency of the ultrasonic cleaner
Common ultrasonic cleaners are mostly used in office buildings, offices and other places, and the environment required for such places is extremely high in noise control. So what kind of conditions should be identified in this regard? Just pay attention to its frequency. Although the ultrasonic cleaner with a too low frequency has a good cleaning effect, the noise generated by the ultrasonic cleaner is relatively large, and it is easy to damage the surface of the article to be cleaned. Therefore, if customers want to choose a high-quality ultrasonic cleaner, they can start with their frequency.
3.Pay attention to the safety of ultrasonic cleaners
A high-quality ultrasonic cleaner should not only have stable power and proper frequency, but also have extremely high safety. Therefore, in the identification process, users should not only pay attention to whether there is any discharge of substances that endanger human health during use, but also confirm whether the use of their instruments requires the user or cleaning components to take protective measures. Only in this way can we take a two-pronged approach and strictly test its degree of safety.
The above are three types of tips for distinguishing high-quality ultrasonic cleaners. In addition, there are more choices. Customers can consider and measure according to specific use requirements. Nowadays, with the further research and development, more functions will be mined. In the future, multiple models of high-quality ultrasonic cleaners will be available, which will no longer be the traditional single style, and will bring more choices to customers.
Post time: 2019-12-12

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