How to disinfect and sterilize a pipette

There is a certain difference between pipette disinfection and sterilization: sterilization only requires that the live bacteria on the pipette be controlled within a certain range to reach a harmless level; sterilization is more stringent, Request to eliminate all live bacteria. Therefore, the requirements for sterilization are higher than sterilization.
First, pipette disinfection::
1. Chemical disinfection. Wipe the exterior of the pipette with alcohol, etc., and blow dry.
2. Ultraviolet disinfection. Irradiate the appearance of the pipette with ultraviolet rays and achieve the effect of disinfection by damaging the DNA structure of the cells. The duration of UV disinfection depends on the intensity of the radiation and the resistance of the bacteria to UV rays. Most brands of pipettes can be disinfected with UV light, but still need to confirm with the supplier in advance, not all pipettes can be UV disinfected.
Pipette sterilization
1. If it is not possible to sterilize the entire pipette, first package the parts to be sterilized with sterilization bag, foil and other materials, 121 ℃, 1bar atmospheric pressure, 20 minutes; after sterilization, dry thoroughly at room temperature. Then, oil the piston and assemble it.
2. If it is a pipette that can be sterilized as a whole, you can place the whole pipette at 121 ° C and 1 bar of human pressure for 20 minutes of high temperature and high pressure sterilization.
3. If some pipettes cannot be sterilized by high temperature and high pressure, but need to be used for some special operations, such as RNA extraction, if you are worried about the contamination of the pipette and affect the experimental results, then wash the pipette with 75% ethanol Head. For RNA extraction use 75% ethanol without RNase contamination. Note: Half-disinfected pipettes cannot be used for entire disinfection, or significant phenomena such as discoloration of the digital parts of the reading may occur.
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