Freeze drying advantages overview

 LGJ-100F Drying freezer



1, preserved nutrients intact (such as protein, vitamin, plant nutrients etc.).

2, save shape, color and configuration of the original food.
3, add water, can recover fast, completely.
4, room temperature can be stored for a long time, and do not need to add any preservatives.
5, freeze drying processed food is light in weight, easy to carry and transport, and the lower shipping costs.
6, to make the food more concentrated.
Application of freeze drying method widely:
Pharmaceutical industry: the dehydration and preservation of vacuum freeze drying method used in serum, plasma, vaccines, antibiotics, enzymes, hormones and other traditional Chinese and Western medicine. Biological research: the use of vacuum freeze-drying technology for long-term preservation of blood, bacteria, artery, bone, skin, cornea, neural tissue and organs, in use only supply water can be recycled, still maintained its physical characteristics.
Post time: 2015-05-12

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