The difference between UV visible spectrophotometer and Vis spectrophotometer

The difference between UV visible spectrophotometer and Vis spectrophotometer



1  Visible spectrophotometer and ultraviolet visible spectrophotometer are spectrophotometer, they are used in spectrophotometry instrument qualitative and quantitative analysis of material. Visible spectrophotometer was used to measure the material instrument for quantitative analysis of visible light absorbance and, known as visible spectrophotometer, determination of bacterial cell density in 600nm. Ultraviolet visible spectrophotometer was used to measure the visible light or ultraviolet light absorption and instrumental quantitative analysis. Concentration could be measured in accounting and protein, also can be used for determining bacterial cell density.

2 UV spectrophotometer different from vis spectrophotometer is the wavelength range, UV visible spectrophotometer hydrogen lamp for general use, determination wavelength range is 180~350nm, visible with tungsten lamp, determination wavelength range 320~1100nm. The UV visible spectrophotometer is this instrument can replace the light source, which can measure the absorption peaks in the UV and visible part of the compounds.

Specifically, there are three different:

1 Different light sources: generally only tungsten lamp light source visible spectrophotometer, and UV visible spectrophotometer is used in tungsten lamp and deuterium lamp, two power supply, but also many switch components of the two light lamp. This is because the spectral range of tungsten lamp is mainly in the visible and near infrared in this section, the deuterium lamp in the UV end, it is because of the light source is not the same, UV visible spectrophotometer is a specializes in deuterium lamp work deuterium lamp power supply.

2 Difference of Optical devices : because the glass can absorb ultraviolet wave, while the visible to near infrared end through better, so the visible optical components of the spectrophotometer can use glass, and UV visible spectrophotometer cannot use glass parts, generally using adaptive optics components. Also because of this reason, in the cuvette choice also have different, visible spectrophotometer can use glass cuvette, and UV visible spectrophotometer using quartz cuvette.

3 Receiver: due to different UV visible spectrophotometer much UV wave, so the choice of the  receiver  is also not the same. More sensitive response to UV wave, the UV spectrophotometer with the receiver's price is  more expensive than the visible spectrophotometer .

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