Single-parameter controller water quality analyzer




Product Introduction

Single-parameter controller water quality analyzer:



This instrument USES the principle of photoelectron colorimetric detection to replace the traditional visual colorimetric method.It can be eliminates the human error, thus greatly improve the measurement resolution

To Measurement, when you put the sample of tested water  in specific reagents, it can quickly show the color.

Then put the water in the photoelectric colorimetric seat, instrument by comparing color shades and the ion density is obtained.

The instrument can be applied to big small and medium-sized waterworks and industrial and mining enterprises in the swimming pool, living or industrial water in ion concentration detection, in order to control the various parameters of water meet the prescribed standards for water quality requirements.



1.Microcomputer, touch keyboard, backlit LCD display, adopted the latest micro-processing technology and high reliability of integrated circuit

2.Nonlinear data processing and data smoothing functions, fast automatic multipoint correction, since the tip diagnostic information

3.Have custom curve calibration function, high precision deposited all mathematical modeling work curve, ensure the accuracy of direct reading level

4.Reliable localization structure and special high strength, long life light source, no maintenance, ensure the equipment can work stably for a long time

5.Fusion many achievements of independent design patent, the technology is advanced, accord with national standard GB/T5750-2006 drinking water health standards


Technical parameters:


Model Parameter Measuring




Min readout Basic error F.S Repeatability Power Supply
SD90702 Copper 0-2.0 0.001mg/L ±5%FS 2% AC220V/50HZ/15W
SD90707 Nitrite 0-0.3
SD90715 Ammonia 0-10
SD90721 Iron 0-0.8
SD90732 DO 0-12
SD90738 Chlorine



SD90740 Nickel 0-2
SD90748 Manganese 0-0.5
SD90749 Hexavalent



SD90762 Residual chlorine 0-10


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