WD-2102A Microplate Reader
WD-2102A Microplate Reader

WD-2102A Microplate Reader




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                                                                   WD-2102A Microplate Reader WD-2102A

microplate reader


WD Microplate Reader adopts embedded computer control technology and has 8 optical channels, being provided with the functions of automatic feeding, automatic measuring, automatic data analysis and processing. It can print data as required by the operator. There are four standard spectral filters inside the device. It can carry out the automatic identification of signal or dual-wavelength measurement according to the operator’s settings. The device is also provided with large screen LED display and touch screen input.


various clinical diagnoses, immunology, microbiology, veterinary science, monitor on plant pests and biochemical regulators, environmental organism and food inspection, biochemical genetics, endocrinology, bioscience, criminal prosecution, etc.

1. Scope of readings:  0.000 ~      

2. Linear Range: 0.000 ~  

3. Repeatability: CV≤0.3%   

4. Stability: after working for 1 hour, drift ≤±    

5. Speed of reading plate: signal wavelength ≤6s/96 hole

6. Function of vibration plate: 5 options available for vibration plate strength (from weak to strong), vibration time is adjustable from 0s to 240s. 

7. Dimension: 452×206×195 (mm)

8. Weight: about 15 kg.

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