Biological Indicator Incubator Bit1000/Bit1000-S
Biological Indicator Incubator Bit1000/Bit1000-S

Biological Indicator Incubator Bit1000/Bit1000-S




product details

Bit1000/Bit1000-S is a sample incubation equipment based on film heating and PID automatic temperature control technology. Flexible independent timing and constant temperature function improve the efficiency of the laboratory work, which is the ideal equipment for biological indicators incubation.


1. Easy to set up and use, all information real-time display and showing set

up operation, convenient to observe equipment running status.

2. High temperature control precision.

3. Wide time range from 1min to 99h59min.

4. Up to 7groups samples can be incubated. Each group countdowns independently at a time.

5. Automatic running function.

6. Temperature calibration function.

7. Built-in software and hardware over-temperature protection device, will use more reliable.

Product parameters

Temp setting range 0℃~100℃
 Temp control rangeRT+5℃~100℃
 Time range 1min ~ 99h59min/∞
Temp accuracy≤±0.3℃*
Display accuracy0.1℃
 Temp uniformity≤±0.3℃*
 Heating time≤12min(from 25℃ to 100℃)*
 Automatic runningYes
Capacity See optional block
Power 150W
Voltage AC220V or AC110V/50-60HZ
Fuse250V  3A  Ф5×20
Dimension 260x195x150mm
Weight 2.5Kg

Product accessories

RC02 044 00135xΦ9mmOnly for Bit1000
RC02 044 00235xΦ10mmOnly for Bit1000
RC02 044 00328xΦ12mmOnly for Bit1000-S

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