Lab MINI Ultra Pure Water System
Lab MINI Ultra Pure Water System

Lab MINI Ultra Pure Water System




product details

Lab MINI Ultrapure Water System

Function & Feature

1. Automatic working and regularly automatic flushing reverse osmosis membrane.

2. Quality and temperature of RO water and UP water are all displayed on LCD screen.

3. External printer is available by RS232 communication interface to print out report.

4. Function of self-lock and shut down if leakage.

5. All parts are with imported quick fittings, which is easy for user to maintain device.

6. Two cartridge in one column makes it easy to change, and guarantees long lifetime.

7.ABS material is used for whole device to prevent from corrosion.

Technical Data

Feed Water: city tap water    feed water pressure: 1~6bar;

1.RO Water

1.1  Flow rate of production(L/hr)≥8

1.2  Flow rate of dispense(L/min) :≥2

1.3  Resistivity 0.2   MΩ.cm@25.C 

1.4  Rejection of microbe≥99%1.5  Rejection of organism (mo lecular weight>100 Dalton) ≥99%

1.6  Rejection of inorganic ion ≥96%;

1.7  Water recovery ≥35%

1.8  Rejection of particle≥99%

2. UP Water

2.1  Flow rate of dispense(L/min):≥1

2.2  Be superior to type 1 water criteria in GB6682-2000 laboratory water specification standard.

2.3  Resistivity 18.25 MΩ.cm@25℃

2.4  Absorbency ≤0.001 (254nm, 1cm optical path)

2.5  Soluble Silicon(sio2)≤ 0.01mg/L

2.6  Particle(0.22um):<1/ml

2.7  Microbe(cfu/ml):<1

2.8  Fe<0.005 Cu<0.005 Al<0.005 Ni<0.005 Zn<0.02 Cr<0.005 Na<0.01 K<0.02≤0.01;

2.10 UF element: 0.22um

2.11  Resistivity of UP water is monitored and displayed on real time.

2.13  Endotoxins <0.001EU/ml    TOC: 1-5ppb

2.14  220V/50Hz    50-150W 

Guide for Order

Strong pre-filter is suggested if feed water contains sand, rust, algae or other impurities.

Softening part or dual RO system is suggested if total dissolved solid in feed water is more than 200PPM.

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