200ml  hydrothermal synthesis reactor
200ml  hydrothermal synthesis reactor

200ml hydrothermal synthesis reactor




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HZ series 200ml hydrothermal synthesis reactor:

Brief introduction:

HZ series hydrothermal synthesis reactor is the reactor that provides synthetic chemical substances in certain temperature and pressure conditions.



1.It is made of quality non-magnetic0Cr18Ni9Ti of stainless steel.

2.The kettle body and kettle cover are sealed by durable and reliable line seal structure with long-term stability to leak free seal.

3.Stainless steel chassis, stainless steel kettle body, stainless steel gland, stainless steel kettle cover and extended stainless steel rods.

4.With PTFE liner, double care, acid and alkali, resistant to high temperature of 200℃

5.Thickening processing PTFE cover, not easy to soften.

6.Beautiful appearance, reasonable structure and easy to operate.

7.Good corrosion resistance.



Operating temperature≤230℃
Working pressure≤2Mpa
Temperature elevation rate≤5℃/min

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