TXK4 Blood Card Centrifuge
TXK4 Blood Card Centrifuge

TXK4 Blood Card Centrifuge




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TXK4 blood card centrifuge 


Blood group serologym, blood group regular test, Microcolumn Gel and immunodetection and so on.


TXK4 blood card centrifuge Features:

1.This model is the latest product that researched by experts of our company and specialized biotechnology company at home and abroad after market research and test.

2. Microprocessor control, LCD display which indicates the speed, time, RCF in operation, speed raising and reducing quickly, operate simply.

3. There is specialized step-ladder centrifugation technology, different step-ladder could be designed by different reagent.

4.There are several kinds of regular centrifugation program, other centrifugation program also could be designed by customers’ demand.

5. Electronic lock, Over speed and imbalance protection, there is self-check protection program, safe and reliable, simple operation, scientific and practicable.

6.LCD display all running parameters.

7.There is SERO rotor for erythrocyte washing, HLA rotor for lymphocyte washing, Specialized rotor for blood flow research and specialized rotor for crossmatching of blood for your choice.

TXK4 blood card centrifuge

Technical Parameters:

Max speed


4000r/minMax RCF2250*g
Time range0~99minSpeed accuracy±10r/min
Max capacity24cardsNoise ≦45dBA
Weight 24KGDimension 483*320*265mm  
Packaged weight26KGPackaged dimension560*380*330mm
Power AC110/220V, 50-60HZ,5A Rotor identificationAutomatic identification
Mini Order1 unitPackagecarton box



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