Vertical double-layer constant temperature shaking incubator
Vertical double-layer constant temperature shaking incubator

Vertical double-layer constant temperature shaking incubator




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Vertical double-layer constant temperature shaking incubator



This type of instrument is widely used in germ culture, ferment, hybridization, and research of biochemical reaction; enzyme and cellular tissue and all those require high temperature and oscillation frequency

Control feature:

Function of parameters memory and electricity incoming recovery when data lost because of power cut or system halted

Structure feature:

Sort: Microcomputer LCD type

Performance feature:

1.P.I.D environmental scanning micro-processing controller and intelligentized audio and visual alarm,The large LCD screen clearly indicates the preset and real parameters.

2.The operating parameter locked by encryption prevents misoperation.7.Operating parameter memory function avoids monotonous operations

3.AC inductive long-life motor design, broad speed regulation, constant torque, constant speed of rotation, no carbon brush and maintenance free.

4.Over-temperature audio and visual alarming function can automatically cut off the power when the motor overheated, temperature out of control or abnormal temperature occurs.

5.Provided with power-off recovery function, the equipment can automatically recover to run according to the originally designed programs when the external power is recovered after a sudden cut off.

6.Wiring of the acceleration control ensures soft start, smooth acceleration and the security of samples.

7.The luxurious streamline mould involving aesthetic designing, static plastic-spraying case and large toughened glass window.




Control mode P.I.D microcomputer processing chip
Convection mode Forced convection
Oscillation mode convolution Reciprocate
Display LCD display
USB data download system Yes
Kudan control system Yes
Cyclotron frequency range 30-300rpm/min 30-280rpm/min
Cyclotron frequency accuracy ±1
Shake plate shimmy range(mm) Ø26






Max configuration 100ml*48/250ml*24/



100ml*90/250ml*56/500ml*48 250ml*90/500ml*74/1000ml*36
Standard configuration 250ml*24 250ml*28






Pallet size(mm) 500*350 745*450 970*560
Timing(h) 0-999
Temp. range(℃) Ambient temp.+5-60 4-60 Ambient temp.+5-60 4-60 Ambient temp.+5-60 4-60 Ambient temp.+5-60 4-60
Temp.accuracy ±0.1℃
Temp. uniformity(℃) ≤0.5(37℃)
Temp. fluctuation(℃) ≤0.2(37℃)
Plate number 2
Size(mm) 700*560*1260 950*700*1260 1200*820*1560
Volume(L) 175 335 580
Power(w) 600 850 900 1150 1100 1400 1100 1400
Voltage AC220±10% 50-60HZ
Ambient temp.(℃) 5-25



vertical shaking incubator

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