NB-MuI Closed Intelligent Microwave Digestion/Extraction Workstation
NB-MuI Closed Intelligent Microwave Digestion/Extraction Workstation

NB-MuI Closed Intelligent Microwave Digestion/Extraction Workstation




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Technical parameters
Power and frequency: high-frequency resonance type programmable
high-voltage microwave power supply; industrial-grade dual 
magnetron microwave output power range, 0~1800W
(arbitrary adjustment); microwave frequency, 2450 MHz.
Microwave radiation furnace chamber: industrial-grade 316L
stainless steel furnace chamber volume, 65L; the inner surface of
the furnace chamber is made of 6-layer PFA corrosion-resistant coating,
 which has a long service life and is easy to clean.
Batch processing capacity: the volume of each sample digestion tank, 100mL; 12-position, 10-position or 8-position rotary table can be freely selected, and the instrument automatically recognizes it.
Sample rotation mode: One-way continuous rapid rotation (2 seconds/circle), and each tank position can receive microwave energy more evenly.
Temperature monitoring method: All series of instruments use optical fiber temperature sensors to monitor the real temperature of the sample solution in real time and display the temperature change curve. Temperature measurement range: room temperature~300℃ (±0.1℃)
Full tank pressure monitoring: A non-contact pressure sensor designed based on the principles of highly elastic dish-shaped metal shrapnel combination and optical distance measuring system, which scans and monitors the real pressure of all samples inside the digestion tank in real time, and displays the pressure change curve. Pressure measurement range, 0~10MPa (± 0.01MPa).
High-pressure digestion tank: frame-type high-pressure digestion tank, the outer tank is made of imported high-strength fiber composite PEEK, and the inner tank is made of imported modified polytetrafluoroethylene (TFM). Maximum pressure resistance≥15MPa, maximum temperature resistance≥300℃; working temperature: room temperature -250℃, working pressure range: 0-6.Mpa.
Pressure relief method: The digestion tank has a "switch" type quantitative pressure relief function. When the upper working pressure is exceeded, the pressure relief groove automatically releases the pressure, without the need for conventional consumables such as explosion-proof membranes, and quickly closes when the pressure is reduced to ensure the safety of the digestion process .
★Safe design of furnace door: The furnace door has a double microwave shielding mechanism, electromagnetic and mechanical double switches, and door locking self-checking device to protect the operator from microwave radiation; the furnace door adopts a buffer hinge design to maximize the furnace chamber life and safety in use.
Multiple safety protection measures: The instrument is equipped with up to 10 active and passive safety protection functions, including industrial-grade high-strength furnace chamber and buffer explosion-proof safety door design, furnace door linkage switch, real-time monitoring and protection of full sample pressure, and over-pressure alarm restriction, elastic pressure stability protection device, over-current protection, abnormal sound detection, fault self-checking alarm, non-destructive pressure relief groove and three powerful centrifugal exhaust fans with large air volume of 5.8m3/min, preventing the instrument and the operator from being affected by harmful gases, etc.. 
Working modes: 1) 256 digestion methods can be programmed, modified and stored at will; 2) each method can be set up to 10 digestion stages; 3) built-in intelligent heating rate control mode and constant temperature control mode; 4) built-in automatic cooling mode, and the termination cooling conditions are adjustable.
Fully intelligent control: full touch screen operation, intuitive and simple; 7" large screen real-time display of various working parameters and status (such as temperature and pressure change curve, etc.); equipped with standard RS232 interface, which can be connected to a computer.
Power supply: 110/220V AC, 50-60Hz;
Power: 2800W;
Dimensions: 665×650×750mm;
Net weight: 70Kg.
★Indicates the unique performance index of the instrument.

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