NB-990A Closed Type Intelligent Microwave Digestion/Extraction Workstation
NB-990A Closed Type Intelligent Microwave Digestion/Extraction Workstation

NB-990A Closed Type Intelligent Microwave Digestion/Extraction Workstation




product details

I. Function parameters
1. Product introduction:
NB-990A closed type intelligent microwave reaction/extraction workstation adopts advanced and sensitive optical fiber temperature measurement technology and full tank pressure measurement technology to realize real-time monitoring of the real temperature and pressure of all samples in the tank, greatly enhancing the safety of multi-tank microwave pre-processing equipment. It solves the problem that the uniformity and safety of the digestion cannot be reliably guaranteed when most single-point pressure measurement microwave digestion instruments are digesting multiple tanks at the same time. The industrial-grade stainless steel furnace chamber has strong resistance to explosion, more uniform microwave radiation, built-in PFA protective film, and is anti-corrosion, and easy to clean. It is widely used in microwave pretreatment of samples in food, cosmetics, medicine, feed, environment, soil, mining, textile, biology, light industry, rock, metallurgy and steel, organic and polymer, ceramic and inorganic materials.
lab microwave digestion system
2. Product features (description of technological advancement):
Ø The microwave digestion workstation with technologically advanced optical fiber temperature sensor and full tank pressure scanning monitoring has a high safety factor;
Ø Industrial-grade microwave furnace chamber has strong anti-explosive power and more uniform microwave radiation. The furnace chamber is covered with multiple PFA anti-corrosion coatings.
1)Microwave system
1.1 High-efficiency exhaust air cooling: equipped with three powerful centrifugal exhaust fans with large air volume of 5.8 m3/min.
1.2 Using optical fiber temperature sensor with high sensitivity, which is not interfered by microwave.
Ø A non-contact full tank pressure monitoring system, which can monitor the reaction pressure status of each sample in real time during the digestion process
Ø (Non-contact full tank temperature and pressure control. Advanced mainstream technology, safety guarantee)
2)Safety class
As we all know, in the microwave pressure digestion process, the so-called "danger" is usually caused by the reaction "out of control" and the pressure beyond the tolerance range. The pressure sensor control system of NB-990A microwave digestion workstation monitors the pressure of each digestion tank in real time to solve potential safety hazards.
3.1 Optical fiber temperature sensor, when the microwave reaches a certain temperature, it is not interfered by microwave, and the sensitivity is relatively high.
3.2 Pressure sensor, inside the top cover of the digestion tank, specially made material to react pressure, as an important part of pressure sensing, during digestion, continuously scans and monitors the pressure of each digestion tank in real time through rotation.
4)Software system
Ø Easy to operate, intuitive and concise, large screen display of various working parameters
Ø Equipped with RS232 interface, which can be connected with a computer
Ø More than 250 kinds of digestion methods can be freely programmed, modified and stored
5)Pressure digestion tank
Ø The number of samples that can be digested at the same time is 6-8, and the volume of the digestion tank is 100mL;
Ø The outer tank is made of imported hydrophobic high-strength pressure resistant PEEK®, and the inner tank is made of imported modified polytetrafluoroethylene (TFM). Maximum pressure resistance≥15MPa, and maximum temperature resistance≥300℃;
microwave digestion extraction workstation
II. Description of technical parameters
NB closed type intelligent microwave digestion/extraction workstation
Technical parameters
Power and frequency: non-pulse variable frequency microwave power adjustment function; maximum microwave power: 1000W; microwave frequency: 2450MHz;
Microwave radiation furnace chamber: industrial-grade 316L stainless steel furnace chamber volume is 35L; the inner surface of the furnace chamber is 6-layer PFA corrosion-resistant coating, which has a long service life and is easy to clean;
Sample volume and quantity: The volume of each sample digestion tank is 100mL, which can digest 1-6 samples at the same time;
Rotary table rotation mode: One-way continuous rapid rotation (2 seconds/circle), and each tank position can receive microwave energy more evenly.
Temperature monitoring method: using optical fiber temperature sensor to monitor the real temperature of the sample solution in real time, and display the temperature change curve;
Full tank pressure monitoring: a patented non-contact pressure sensor that scans and monitors the real pressure of all samples inside the digestion tank in real time, and displays the pressure change curve;
Temperature-pressure measurement system: temperature measurement range: 0~300℃ (±0.1℃); pressure measurement range: 0~10MPa (± 0.01MPa);
High-pressure digestion tank: the outer tank is made of imported high-strength fiber composite PEEK, and the inner tank is made of imported modified polytetrafluoroethylene (TFM). Maximum pressure resistance ≥15MPa, maximum temperature resistance ≥300℃; working temperature: room temperature -250℃, working pressure range: 0-6Mpa.
Safety design of furnace door: The furnace door has a double microwave shielding mechanism, and a door locking self-checking device to protect the operator from microwave radiation. The furnace door adopts a buffer hinge design to maximize the life and safety of the furnace chamber. 
Multiple safety protection measures: The instrument is equipped with up to 10 active and passive safety protection functions, including industrial-grade high-strength furnace chamber and buffer explosion-proof safety door design, furnace door linkage switch, real-time monitoring and protection of full sample pressure, and over-pressure alarm restriction, abnormal sound detection, fault self-checking alarm, and two powerful centrifugal exhaust fans with large air volume of 5.8m3/min, to prevent the instrument and the operator from being affected by harmful gases.
Working mode: 1) 256 kinds of digestion methods can be programmed, modified and stored at will; 2) each method can be set up to 10 digestion stages; 3) built-in automatic cooling mode, and the termination cooling condition is adjustable;
Fully intelligent control: full touch screen operation, intuitive and simple; 7" super large screen real-time display of various working parameters and status (such as temperature and pressure change curve, etc.).
Power supply: 220V AC, 50-60Hz;
power: 1500W
III. Configuration
NB-990A closed type intelligent microwave digestion/extraction workstation
(digesting/extracting 6 samples at the same time)
Name: Closed Type Intelligent Microwave Digestion/Extraction Workstation
Model: NB-990A
Configuration list:
1. Intelligent microwave digestion host   1 set;
2. Optical fiber temperature sensor      1 set;
3. Full tank pressure measurement and control system    1 set;
4. Outer tank 6 sets , inner tank 6 sets, explosion-proof membranes 5 packs (500 pieces), cup holder 1 piece;
5. Operating tools 1 set, instruction manual 1 copy, warranty card acceptance form 1 copy.
6. NB-9818 pretreatment heating instrument (acid driver)   1 set.

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