GHP-9270 Water-Jacket Incubator
GHP-9270 Water-Jacket Incubator

GHP-9270 Water-Jacket Incubator




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GHP-9270 water-jacket incubator


Water-jacket incubator is a high-precision temperature devices can be used for the germination of plants, organize, train nursery, cultivation of microorganisms, insects, small animals, feeding, water quality testing in the BOD measurement, and other uses of the constant temperature tests. Is genetic engineering, medicine, agriculture, forestry, environmental science, animal husbandry and aquatic production, research and education sector is the ideal equipment.  

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Control Feature:

Function of parameters memory and electricity incoming recovery when data lost because of power cut or system halted.

Structure Feature:

Sort:Microcomputer normal type

Structure summary:

Water-jacket incubator is a vertical shape, box door and the outer door made of high quality steel, baking surface, the door is glass, do not open the inner door inside the train will be able to clearly observe the items, the studio made of stainless steel welding, activities can be arbitrarily changed shelf height. Between studios and glass inner door fitted with silicon rubber seals, interior doors and studios to ensure the seal. Studio wall left, right and bottom of the watertight cover heating, low noise studio quality with a small fan, with the air duct at a reasonable temperature inside the structure to ensure uniformity.

Temperature part of the SCM technology to adopt new intelligent digital temperature regulator, double digital display. Adaptive temperature control of both temperature without temperature control parameter adjustment, the control precision is high. According to different requirements of users, by operating the control panel touch keys on the temperature and time settings, adjust to achieve the test purpose.

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Performance feature:

  • Adopts originated domestic streamline arc design, the outer is made of cold rolled steel plate, the chamber is made of SUS304 stainless steel, the surface is static lacquered; 
  • Temperature control system adopts microcomputer single chip technology, with the functions of temperature control, timing and over-temperature alarm;
  • Adopts imported machine and fan blade that make the temperature in chamber symmetrical with rational air duct and circulatory system;
  • Adopts intelligent temperature controller with the function of timing and time;
  • The interior chamber is made of stainless steel material, the design of corners semicircular is easy to clean;
  • User can decide the number of shelves and the height of shelves can be changed optionally;
  • Wide angle of view observation glass window. Adopts nano- material door magnetic seal and heat preservation material.

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Technical parameters:

Heating modeWater dwelling
Temperature rangeRT+5℃-65℃
Temperature resolution0.1℃
Constant volatility±0.5℃
Voltage220v 50HZ
Operating ambient temperature5℃-35℃
Inner dimension(mm)350*350*410400*400*500500*500*650600*600*750
Shelves2 pieces3 pieces
Timing1-9999 minutes


water-jacketed incubator




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