YT-X303 Microbial Limit Test Device
YT-X303 Microbial Limit Test Device

YT-X303 Microbial Limit Test Device




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YT-X303 Microbial Limit Test Device


The YT microorganism limit test system adopt membrane filtration method. It is composed by the YT microorganism test device、F50/F60 funnel and Φ47 or Φ60 membrane.The microorganism test device has equipped an in-built vacuum pump, the funnel and the membrane are presterilized,

which can reduce operation procedures and user-related contamination during the transfer process. This system is fast and reliable,it can be used widely in routine testing of raw materials, beverages and water for microbiological contamination.


Features of YT-X303

♦ Three built-in UK-made diaphragm pumps guarantee high efficiency.

♦ Easy to use. No filter flask required, sample liquids can be filtered directly.

♦ Compact design, saving room for your workbench.

♦ Mirror polished stainless steel surface, easy to clean and sterilize.

♦ Large LCD display with Poly Dome, status and time indication, user-friendly.

♦ Three filter heads can work together, insures efficiency.

♦ Quick demountable and autoclavable filter heads. 

♦ Work with both F50 (47mm membrane size) / F60 (60mm membrane size) filter heads.

♦ High temperature sterilization is allowed for filter heads during continuous lab operations.

Technical Parameter

Power supply:AC220V/50Hz
Power: 35W
Vacuum pressure:40Kpa (Ultimate pressure)
Pumping speed: 25L/min
Work style: Continuous work
Dimension: 37×23×15cm
Weight: 7.6kg

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