Practical COD Rapid Detector
Practical COD Rapid Detector

Practical COD Rapid Detector




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Practical COD Rapid Detector

Used the sealed digestion to digest water samples, and the use of advanced cold-light source, narrow-band interference technology, Microcomputer automatic processing of data to direct indication of the sample COD (mg / L) values. The instrument is widely used in various industries, environmental monitoring, sewage treatment and universities, research institutes and other departments.


※ Measuring range:5~2000mg/L(if over the range, dilution metering)

※ Accuracy: error≦5%

※ Repeatability: ≦3%

※ Anti-jamming Cl: ≦1200mg/L

※ Wavelength: 610nm

※ Heating temp.: 165±1.5℃

※ Heating time: 10 minutes

※ Optics stability: absorptance drift is less than 0.002A in 20 minutes

※ Batch number: 20 water samples

※ Max power dissipation: 400W

※ External dimension: 

colorimetric part: 210×280×190mm;

heater part: 200×240×190 mm

The product has the following main features:

1.Use of cold light, monochromatic source, well optical stability, will not be subject to a variety of light interference.

2.Use the PID to automatic control the digestion temperature, and high precision.

3.Two-line LCD display, easy to operate.

4.High-temperature digestion and colorimetric (including the host) separation of the two parts, down the impact of temperature on the optics to a minimum.

5.High efficiency, digest 20 water samples once,determination of time of each batch of water samples is only about 20 minutes.

6.Data will not lost when the power break off.

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