Chemical Oxygen Demand Tachometer
Chemical Oxygen Demand Tachometer

Chemical Oxygen Demand Tachometer




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Chemical Oxygen Demand Tachometer

Product Description

The product is based on electrochemical principles of the coulometric titration, use the potassium dichromate (K2CrO7) as the oxidant, reflux digestion of reducing substances in sulfuric acid medium, and use silver sulfuric acid as catalyst, produced by electrolysis Fe2+ as a reductant titration(Also known as electric titration),electric counterpoint determine titration end point,according to consumption of electricity, use the computer-chip microcomputer  to calculate the COD value of the sample.

Measuring range: 0~1000mg/L(if over the range, dilution metering)

Accuracy: error≦5%

heating time: 15 minutes

Electrolysis current:

External dimension: 340mm×270mm×100mm

Weight: 4Kg

(1) Temperature: 5—40℃

(2) Relative humidity: ≤80%

(3) Power supply: 220V±10%,50Hz

(4) No strong vibration and strong electromagnetic interference.

Instrument advantages:

1、Saving reagent

2、Operation of time-saving, digesting 15 minutes

3、No calibration reagents, without the need for calibration curves.

4、Simple operation, automatic titration.

5、No affect of color and grain samples.

6、Wide measurement range(if over the range, dilution metering)

7、Microcomputer control and calculation, high reliability and intuitive end,large-screen LCD display directly COD value and the signal-time .

8、Power-off protection, case of power outages may retain five blank and five samples of COD values

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