COD Ammonia Meter
COD Ammonia Meter

COD Ammonia Meter




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COD Ammonia Meter

Brief Introduction:

This meter can directly measure COD and ammonia nitrogen value. When measure COD, the sample water, mixed with catalysis, is sealed and  heated about 10 minutes, then use colorimetric method to get the COD value. When measure ammonia nitrogen, use nessler reagent colormetric method to measure ammonia nitrogen value. This instrument use cold LED light source and narrow bandwidth wavelength and directly display the COD and ammonia nitrogen value.

Techinical parameter:

﹡COD parameter:

1. measure range: 5—2000mg/L, if over the range, dilution metering

2. accuracy: error≦5%

3. repeatability:   ≦3%

4. anti-jamming Cl: ≦1200mg/L

5. wavelength: 610nm

6. heating temp.: 165±1℃

7. heating time:  10 minutes

8. optics stability: absorptance drift is less than 0.002A in 20 minutes

9. batch number: 20 water samples

﹡ammonia nitrogen parameter:

1. measure range: 0.02—10mg/L, if over the range, dilution metering

2. basic errors: ≦±3%(F.S)

3. owest detectable limit: 0.01mg/L

Maxium power consumption: 400W

External dimension: 

colorimetric part:  210X280X190 mm;

 heater part:  200X240X190 mm


1. Cold light and monochromatic light as light source, optics stability is much better, and cannot be interfered by all kinds of light.

2. Use PID automatically control heating temperature, higher temperature accuracy.

3. Operating is very convenient.

4. Separate high temperature heating device from colorimetric part:, eliminate the influence of the high temperature.

5. High efficiency, can measure 20 COD water samples per time, and measuring 1 batch samples only cost about 20 minutes.

6. Can store 8 work curves(may set by user), and store 255 COD records and 100 ammonia nitrogen records with time label.

7. The datas stored are nonvolatile.

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