QCOD-2C COD Fast Analyzer
QCOD-2C COD Fast Analyzer

QCOD-2C COD Fast Analyzer




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QCOD-2C COD Fast Analyzer

COD Fast Analyzer is designed by the principle of catalytic and sealed digestion. It is widely used in environmental monitoring department, wastewater treatment, universities and research institutes, etc.


※ Measuring Range: 5~2000mg/L(can be diluted if exceeds 2000mg/L)

※ Accuracy: 5~100mg/L, Absolute Error≤±5mg/L;    100~2000mg/L, Relative Error≤±5%

※ Repeatability: ≤±3%

※ Anti-Chlorine Interference: ≦1200mg/L

※ Digestion Temperature : 165±1.5℃

※ Digestion Time: 10 minutes

※ Wavelength: 610nm

※ Optical stability: Absorbance value drifts in less than 0.002 A in the 20 min.

※ Sample quantity: 20

※ Dimensions: 

Main unit: 210mm×280mm×190mm

Digester: 200mm×240mm×190mm

*The product has the following main features:

1.Use cold and monochromatic light source, excellent optical stability, will not be subject to a variety of light interference.

2.Use the PID to automatic control the digestion temperature, and high precision.

3.Large (320×240)LCD, all the information is shown on the screen, easy to operate.

4.Digester and colorimetric (including main unit) are separated, avoid temperature interfere the optical part.

5. Use the technology of V/F conversion, software redundancy, software trap, has strong anti-interference.

6. Historical records and curves can be stored permanently in machines. Data will not lost when the power break off.

7. Fast measurment , short cycle, high efficiency, can digest 20 water samples of each time in 20 minutes.

8. The instrument can be independent as digestion implement, realize the multi-usage.

9. Take cuvette out to clean completely every time.

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