CHM-301 COD-Ammonia Nitrogen-Total Phosphorus Meter
CHM-301 COD-Ammonia Nitrogen-Total Phosphorus Meter

CHM-301 COD-Ammonia Nitrogen-Total Phosphorus Meter




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CHM-301 COD-Ammonia Nitrogen-Total Phosphorus Meter


The instrument can be directly determine the concentration of COD, Ammonia Nitrogen and Total Phosphorus in water samples. The determination method of COD is Fast Digestion Optical Method; The determination method of Ammonia Nitrogen is Mrs. Pay Reagent; The determination method of Total Phosphorus is Phosphorus Molybdenum Blue Method. The Instrument adopts advanced cold light, narrowband interference technique and microcomputer automatic processing data, directly display the density of samples.
Technical Specifications:
1.  Measuring Range:
COD (abbr. Chemical Oxygen Demand): 10~2000mg/L (Two ranges: 10~200 mg/L,200~2000 mg/L);
NH3-N (abbr. Ammonia Nitrogen): 0.02~10mg/L;
TP (abbr. Total Phosphorus): 0.00~20mg/L
2.  Precision:
COD: ≤±5 %,    NH3-N: ≤±3 %( F.S),     TP: ≤±5 %( F.S)
3.  Repeatability: ≤±3%
4.  Anti-Chlorine Interference: ≤1200mg/L(COD)
5.  Temperature Control System:
Set Range:  room temperature~180º C;
COD digestion temperature: 165℃;     
TP digestion temperature: 120℃
6.  Temperature Precision: ±0.5℃
7.  Digestion Time: COD 10min,        TP: 30 min
8.  Wavelength: 610nm(COD),      420nm(NH3-N),      610 nm(TP)
9.  Optical Stability: absorb shift ≤0.002A /20min
10.  Power Consumption: <500W
11.  Operating Condition:
⑴ Operating Temperature Range: 5~40℃ 
⑵ Relative Humidity:  ≤85%
⑶ Power Supply: AC(220±22)V;(50±0.5)Hz
⑷ No obvious vibration and electromagnetic interference, avoid direct sunlight.
12.   Sample Quantity: 16/25/36(selectable)
13.   Weight: 4 kg
14.  Dimensions:
Main Unit: 266mm×200mm×130mm
Digester (DIS-16 type): 216mm×320mm×146mm
1.  Digester and color-meter are separated, does not interfere the testing. PID automatic temperature control. 
2.  Digestion time only needs 10min.
3.  Cold light source, narrow-band wavelength interference, excellent optical stability.
4.  Auto-zero function.
5.  Power failure protection.
6.  Can store every 10 standard curves of COD, NH3-N and TP, and 99 groups of record datas.

7.  Large size LCD.

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