YUT2820 Ultrasonic Flaw Detector
YUT2820 Ultrasonic Flaw Detector

YUT2820 Ultrasonic Flaw Detector




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Working frequency: (0.5-15) MHz
Detection coverage: (0-177) inch
Sound Velocity of the Material: (0.039 to 0.394) inch/µs
Operation mode: pulse echo, dual crystal
Pulse displacement: (0-7.87) inch
Probe zero: (0-99.99) µs
Damp:  33/50/100/500Ω
Gain adjustment: (0-110)dB,0.1dB、1.0dB、 2.0dB、6.0dB Full automatic adjustment of steps
Reject scope: 0-80% adjustable
Vertical linearity error: ≤3%
Horizontal linearity error: ≤0.3%
Resolution: ≥32dB (5P14)
Dynamic range: ≥30dB
Sensitivity allowance: ≥55dB (0.787’’ deep Φ2 Flat-bottom hole)
Data storage: 1000 data sets, including flaw detection status parameters, echoes, DAC curves
Average electric noise and level: ≤10%
Battery types: 6 ordinary LR14 batteries or high power lithium battery
Power supply: 220VAC, 11VDC
Working hours of the batteries: 8 hours. 
Casing: pan-seal design of IP67 standard, real waterproof, dampproof, and dustproof. 
External dimension: 10.63’’X7.48’’X2.36’’
True color TFT LCD screen: 5.7’’
Weight: 1.4kg without batteries
Working temperature: 14℉ to 122℉

1. Wave peak memory: real time envelopes show the highest wave of the flaws and record the
   maximum value of the flaws, it is helpful to locate the flaws precisely and scan the work piece
    quickly. With the help of envelope waveform, the quality of the flaws can be determined. 
2. Automatic gain: automatically adjust the gain to the preset amplitude height.
3. Alarming function: afferent echo/echo loss alarming.
4. Real-time clock: automatically record and store the date and time of waveforms.
5. Display freezing: catch waveforms and sound path data at any moment, and the gate can be
   moved after freezing to measure the echo parameters.
6. Flaw positioning: real-time display sound path S, horizontal X, depth Y, and wave height H.
7. Digital Reject: 0-80%, increase by 1%, unaffecting the linearity and gain.
8. Wave height reading: three display modes, namely relative wave height, dB difference relative
    to the gate, and dB difference relative to DAC curve.
9. Data communication: communicate with the computer through RS232 port to transmit waveforms and
    data so as to manage the result of detection on the computer, and generate the flaw detection
    reports, as well as print out reports.
10. 2 independent measurement gates, monitoring the echo amplitude and the sound path distance.
11. When using transverse wave to detect flaws, the depths of the second and third waves are
    automatically calculated according to the slab thickness.
12. Perfect DAC/AVG curve functions, the curves change along with the changes of the gain, sound
    path, and displacement. It can be straight line or curve.
13. True color TFT LCD whose brightness is adjustable, with many color schemes to choose freely.
14. DAC Curvilinear Distance Compensation: the device is designed for distance compensation. When
     the resolving  power in the near field is not influenced, only the remote signal will be compensated
     for its  sensitivity so as to improve the testing range of the device significantly.
15. Φ Value calculation: the device can calculate the equivalent of the flaw according to the flaw
    wave height automatically.

ultrasonic flaw detector

1. The firm and durable YUT2600 are specially designed for the hostile site environment. The
    pan- seal design which is particular in the nation enables it to defend against dampness,
    sandstorm, dust, or pollution caused by all sorts of harsh environments from sea to desert. 
2. Pan-seal design, including tool housing, battery case, fastening screws,
    and external interface.
3. 31 copper screw nuts are inlaid in the hard plastic casing.
4. The hand strap can be installed for both hands so that you can hold the machine with your left
    or right hand.
5. The innovative rotating positioning stand is convenient.
6. The probe interface is optional for BNC or Lemo.
7. The D-shaped ring on the instrument is convenient for you to install a chest strap.
8. The nice surface of the casing is antiskid with eroded textures.
9. Two battery schemes which are particular in the nation, when there is no AC supply, if the
    battery pact exhausts, you can use 6 ordinary LR14 batteries: Innovative high power lithium
    batteries of notebook style 6 ordinary LR14 batteries
10. Full screen function, the echo display area can cover the entire screen, which provides you
    with the sense of the maximum window.
11. Solid waveform display, the visual contrast of waveforms is increased so the undetection is
      hard to happen when fast scan is carried out.
12. Bulk storage, up to 1000 data sets can be stored, including waveforms, curves, and parameters
     (containing the traditional 1000 channels).
13. Echo-echo thickness measurement, zero calibration is avoided, and the net thickness of the
     base material can be directly measured through the coating.
14. Two operation interfaces are available: Chinese and English.
15. Easy to use, the user can master the operation method very fast.
16. The squared ultrasonic pulse generator with changeable width and scope is initiative
      domestically. It replaces the traditional method of matching probe by changing damping
      with adjusting the pulse energy and pulse width. Thus, the probe can be exactly fit for
      the testing and the resolution and penetrating power of the approaching surface can be
      enhanced significantly. It is specially fit for the testing of large scale of forge piece, casting
      piece and non-  metal with the requirement of higher penetrating power and lower electric noise.
● The voltage of the pulse generator can be changed between 50V to 400V continuously, so that no
    matter thin plate or hard-penetrated work-piece can be matched with the most fitful probe.
● The width of the pulse can be change d between 25ns to 1000ns continuously, so that the best
    sensitivity can be  realized with the help of different probes with different frequency. 
17. Damping can be changed among 4 levels: 33/50/100/500Ω, so that the best performance of
     the probe can be attained and the different requirements of the sensitivity and resolution can
     be realized.
18. The wave signal filter can be changed between 2 levels: 1-4MHz/0.5-15MHz. Each individual advantage of

      narrowband and broadband filter can be achieved.
19. The repeating frequency can be changed freely to avoid unreal signal. 

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