MPT-I / II Polishing & Grinding Head
MPT-I / II Polishing & Grinding Head

MPT-I / II Polishing & Grinding Head


Model:MPT-I / II


product details

Product Details:

These polishing and grinding heads are designed according to investigation and researches on the market and customers’ requirements. They are suitable for the lab preparing right amount sample. MPT-I and MPT-II can be used for preparing single sample. They can prepare one,  two or three samples at one time. MPT-I and MPT-II can be mounted to many models of polishing and grinding machines produced by us. They are easy-to-use,  and the quality of finished sample is high. Each one is an ideal option for the lab of factories, science and research institutions and universities, which can prepare sample by unmanned operation with adjustable dripping device.

Technical Specifications

1. Power: 220V single phase or 380V three phases 50HZ

2. Rotate speed: 50 rpm

3. Sample force: 0-40N

4. Sample capacity: 1-3

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