LX-D Digital Hardness Tester
LX-D Digital Hardness Tester

LX-D Digital Hardness Tester




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Shore hardness tester is an apparatus to measure vulcanized rubber and plastic products. 

This apparatus has three models of Type A, Type C and Type D,Type A and D respectively are applicable to 

the testing of low and medium hardness, and high-hardness materials. Type C applies to the testing of microporous 

material which is used to make shoes, with compression rate 50 percent, stress 0.049 MPa or above, and this kind 

of material is made of rubber plastic and has blister in plastic.This hardness gauge conforms to 

the regulations of GB/T531, GB2411, HG/T2489, JB6148.

Technical Parameters

1:Measuring range:0-100°

2:Measuring error:Within 20-90°,the error is ≦±1°


5:Pressure Needle Range:0-2.5mm

6:End pressure of Pressure Head:Type A and C :0.55N-8.05N Type D:0-44.5N

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