WEL Computer-display horizontal tensile testing machine
WEL Computer-display horizontal tensile testing machine

WEL Computer-display horizontal tensile testing machine




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Horizontal Tensile Testing Machine

Horizontal Tensile Testing Machine meets the requirements of tensile strength tests on long samples and full-size samples. It is used in the stretch performance tests on various metal components including steel cable, chain, anchor link, lifting belt, cable, separating disk, etc. The main machine adopts the welding steel framework structure. The test space is adjusted by the segmental movement of the crossbeam. The testing force is exerted by a single-rod double-action cylinder. The test operation is controlled manually or by the servo controller. The force is measured by the load sensor. Testing force value and testing curve and displayed on the computer.
Horizontal tensile testing machine is controlled by advanced computer and semiconductor technology to achieve the reliability, flexibility and convenience in force measurement, displacement measurement, deformation measurement and speed controlling. The Lenovo computer is adopted to finish the setting, data collection, calculation, data procession, result display and printing, equipped with KQL-Power Test 2001 intellectualized control software. The control software shows the testing force, force peak value, time interval, and force-time curve in real time, and completes the data processing according to national standards, and then outputs the testing curve and the test report.
Technical parameters:

NameWEL computer-display horizontal tensile testing machineWAL computer-control electro-hydraulic servo horizontal tensile testing machine
ModelWEL-600, 1000, 2000, 3000WAL-600, 1000, 2000, 3000
Max. testing force(kN)600, 1000, 2000, 3000600, 1000, 2000, 3000
Test force measurement range4%~100%FS
Test force measurement accuracy±1%
Indication error of displacement±1%
Stress control speed--1-45Mpa/s
Constant stress control accuracy--±1%
Stretching distance(without piston stroke)0--10000mm, can be customized according to customer request
Oil cylinder stroke500mm( can be customized according to customer request)
Sample clamping wayPlug-in or hydraulic clamping
Machine effective spaceWidth 750mm, can be customized according to customer request
Control modeManualAutomatic, manual
Stretching space adjustment methodHand push-pull type or electric adjustment; adjustment distance 500mm
Mobile beam fixed modeManual or hydraulic automatic
PrinterHP A4 color ink-jet printer
Voltage220V/380V, according to national standard voltage configuration

Horizontal tensile testing machine is equipped with safety systems including position limit, automatic shut off on overload, automatic power off on overcorrect or current leakage, emergency switch, etc. The test space is enclosed by a protective shielding net which is easy to open. The spoke style load sensor is of high precision and stability. The Italian imported oil pump unit generates little noise, with high oil circuit stability without impact. The double-seal structure avoids the oil leakage of the hydraulic cylinder. A mobile trolley is mounted on the exertion crossbeam connected with the piston head, reducing various mechanic frictions.
Horizontal tensile testing machine is divided into WEL computer-display horizontal tensile testing machine and WAL computer-control electro-hydraulic servo horizontal tensile testing machine. WAL machine can be operated manually or controlled by computer automatically.

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