300KN Compression testing machine
300KN Compression testing machine

300KN Compression testing machine




product details

YUSY 300/600 cement compression testing machine is composed of the electric driving machine, the controller, and the computer-control system. It is used in the compression strength test on building materials such as cement. The close-loop control perfectly meets the demand of loading speed in the cement strength tests according to GB/T17671-1999 (Method of testing cements-Determination of strength). Equipped with some specific fixtures, this testing machine can also be applied to the compression strength tests with constant loading rate on tile, brick, stone, etc. YUSY 300C is an improved from YUSY300 to be used to carry out both the test of compression strength and flexural strength in one machine due to the double-position design. Prolonged constant pressure test is performable.

Cement compression testing machine is equipped with protection systems including position limit, automatic shut off on overload, automatic power off on overcurrent or current leakage, emergency switch, etc. the main engine is driven by imported servo motor and servo driver. The transmission is conducted by synchronous belt and the ball screws, which is smooth and free from noise and oil contamination.
Technical parameter
Model YUSY-300 YUSY-600 YUSY-300C
Max. testing force(KN) 300 600 300/10
Test accuracy Better than ±1%
Testing level Level 1,2,5
Constant voltage accuracy ±1%
Testing force range(KN) 12~300 24~600 12-300 / 4-10
Loading speed(KN/s) 1—10
Loading speed accuracy ±5%
Top compressing disc (mm) Φ125 Φ180 Φ125
Bottom compressing disc(mm) 175×175 250×250 175×175
Distance between top and bottom compressing disc(mm) 250 255 250
Effective max. stroke(mm) 120 150 120
Power(kw) 1.2 2.2 1.2
Voltage 220V, according to national standard voltage configuration
Structure Tow-column
Overall dimensions(mm) 950×650×1405 1120×660×1650 950×650×1405
Weight(kg) 300 600 350
computer Lenovo
printer HP A4 color ink-jet printer
Fixtures 1 compressing tool; 1resistant compression mould; YAW-300C including 1 folding resistance fixture.


Cement compression testing machine is under the automatic control computer and operated through the computer interface. The measurement and control systems of this testing machine are of high integration level and stability due to its chip integration technology and professional systems of data collection and signal amplification. The Lenovo computer is adopted to finish the setting, data collection, calculation, data procession, result display and printing, equipped with KQL-PowerTest2001 intellectualized control software. The control software shows the testing force, force peak value, time interval, and fore-time curve in real time, and completes the data processing according to national standards, and then stores the test data and prints the test report in A4 breadth. The whole software is programmed specially at the test standard of cement, so it is convenient for the cement testing operation.

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