PJ-3 Tablet Four-Usage Tester
PJ-3 Tablet Four-Usage Tester

PJ-3 Tablet Four-Usage Tester




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It has four functions: detecting pharmic dissolution, disintegration, friability/abrasion and hardness of tablet.

Applicable standards:
National standard( Chinese codex ) /2010
Corporate standard (Dissolution tester) Q/12XQ0187-2010
Corporate standard (Disintegration tester) Q/12XQ0188-2010
Corporate standard(Tablet friability tester) Q/12XQ0189-2010
Corporate standard (Tablet hardness tester )Q/12XQ0186-2010
Intellectualized, auto-control, auto-test, auto-diagnose, auto-alarm.
The circular water current pumped by magnetism pump can heat the system equally, and the bath liquid can achieve an even temperature.
Temperature is high accurately auto-controlled.
Auto stop at timing point.
Parameters can be preset at any time, the preset and real data are displayed alternately in time.
It has three vessels and three poles arranged on one line. The head part of the instrument can be artificially turned over smoothly and flexibly.
Two disintegrations run synchronously. Auto stop at timing point.
High accuracy is achieved in testing rotary speed and counting friability.
The hardness has high accuracy press sensor and hardness data is displayed in Newton.
It tests tablet hardness continuously. The tablet is loaded and pressed artificially.
Auto-display, auto-memorize, auto-reset, auto-retest.
Temperature range (ambient to +39.9℃)±0.3℃
Speed range (20~200)rpm±2rpm
Automatic time range (1~900)min±0.5min
Stations of dissolution 3
Paddle radial run-out ±0.5mm
Basket radial run-out ±1.0mm
basket assemblies 2
Nacelle back and forth frequency (30~32 )/ min
Nacelle back and forth range (55±2)mm
Drum 1
Drum’s size radius:Φ286mm depth: 39mm
Hardness range (2~200)N
Probe procession range (3~20)mm
Power 220V/ 50Hz/ 600W or 110V/ 60Hz/ 600W
Dimension (590×300×480)mm3

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