LED Fluorescence Microscope
LED Fluorescence Microscope

LED Fluorescence Microscope




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LED Fluorescence Microscope

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As a high price-performance fluorescence microscope, it has five position of green (G), blue (B), blue-violet (BV), violet( V) exciting light emitted by LED light source. Infinite optical system and large NA fluorescence objective together afford you clear fluorescent image. It is an ideal instrument for fluorescent observation in biology, cytology, oncology, genetics and amynology.

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Main Characters

1.Adopt infinite optical system

2.High resolution, large NA plan fluorescence objective for 

3.High bright LED with five position as fluorescence exciter

4.Advanced spray light eliminating technology improves the signal-noise ratio of fluorescent image greatly.

5.Ergonomics design applies to this whole system, so this provides users for best observation method and leave them away from fatigue due to long time observation . 

6.Flexibility and versatility of this system enable assembly of many other options.



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