NK9870A Full Automatic Kjeldahl Nitrogen Analyzer
NK9870A Full Automatic Kjeldahl Nitrogen Analyzer

NK9870A Full Automatic Kjeldahl Nitrogen Analyzer



Application:Agriculture,Industrial,Medicine and Acakemy

product details

NK9870A Auotmatic Kjedahl Nitrogen Analyzer

Operating system

Operating system has 7.5 inches large color touch display screen, SIEMENS CPU control platform, and can be connected to wireless mouse.

It has English display interface with perfect man-machine interaction function, and the operational process is easy to operate and understand

Two operating modes, automatic analysis and manual analysis, can meet requirements of different experiments.

USB data communication interface, standard configuration, is convenient for users to inquire raw data.

Wireless mouse, standard configuration 

Executive system

It adopts self-priming diaphragm pump imported with original packaging from British to feed liquid and thoroughly weeds out pneumatic diaphragm pump used by many domestic factories. Feeding liquid by self-priming pump can put liquid-feeding barrel under the operating floor which has advantages of effectively saving lab room, choosing large capacity liquid-feeding barrel, etc.


Control system

Main control system adopts advanced PLC control platform: the system control is reliable and accurate.

Intelligent cooling water automatic switching system: when there is steam, the cooling water turns on automatically; when there is no steam, the cooling water turns off automatically. It can save cooling water to maximum extent and avoid unwanted loss which is caused because operator forgets to turn off water source.

Pre-heat function: when it is in starting-up or ready mode, the temperature of steam cylinder always keeps 80℃. When measure and analysis are needed, it can produce steam quickly which can shorten waiting time.

Automatic dilution function to avoid strong acid and alkali overreaction: before adding alkali, right amount of distilled water shall be added to dilute strong acid sample in order to avoid strong reaction when strong acid meets strong alkali.

Program of automatically washing titration cup: it can avoid non-neutral residual liquid influencing low-content or blank sample to improve system accuracy and reliability. 

Unique automatic discharge and centralized collection function of digestion tube waste: after the completion of titration, the digestion tube waste liquid will be discharged automatically and collected intensively. Automaticity is improved greatly, which reduces workers’ labor intensity, solves the centralized collection and treatment of analysis liquid waste and complies with the management standards of good lab.

Automatic discharge and centralized collection of titration liquid waste: self-priming pump automatic titration liquid waste discharge device make the waste liquid in titration cup discharge more convenient and thorough and also make the pipeline connection more easy and practical because it has the same collection entrance with waste liquid of digestion tube. 

All pipelines of the instrument adopt imported materials and have sealed structure which could extent the service life of the instrument.

Automatic calibration system of titration liquid concentration (mol)

Dual mode of automatic calibration method which instrument eliminates errors and traditional direct input method

Automatic calibration method which instrument eliminates errors: this method eliminates system errors which are caused by the difference between the exterior calibration of instrument and the instrument titration (calibration) and makes the system precision higher.



Safety protection system

Digestion tube vacant protection: the system will not heat up if the digestion tube isn’t put in;

Safety door vacant protection: if the safety door isn’t pull down, the system will not heat up;

Automatic water-replenishing function of steam cylinder: when the steam generator has no water or its water level not high enough, the system will replenish water automatically to avoid burning without water;

Steam overpressure protection: when the pressure of steam generator system is too high because of the blocking and breakdown of steam pipeline or abnormal steam pipeline, the system will automatically stop running and give an alarm;

Leakage protection: when system has leakage of electricity or the operator gets an electric shock by accident, the system will switch off the electricity and cut off power supply to make sure the operator is safe.


Technical indexes



Working process

Adding quantitative sample dilution, alkali liquor and absorption liquid; automatically finishing distillation, titration, print and liquid-discharging. 

Measurement range


Measurement time

4-8 minutes

Measurement sample amount

Solid: <6g/sample;liquid:<16ml./sample

Titration precision



Titrating solution concentration

Direct titration samples with four titration concentrations of 0.1 mol, 0.2 mol, 0.5 mol and 1 mol

Titration system

High-precision plunger type titration system



High-precision peristaltic titration system

Executive standard

Comply with stipulations of AOAC, EPA, DIN, ISO and GB

Repeatability precision


Recovery ratio


Data storage

Effective storage space 2G

Print function

110mm line printer which can realize user selective print function



Power supply


Requirement of cooling water

Under 25℃

Cooling water consumption

1.5L/min(Distillation process)


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