NK2000 Full Automatic Kjeldahl Nitrogen Analyzer
NK2000 Full Automatic Kjeldahl Nitrogen Analyzer

NK2000 Full Automatic Kjeldahl Nitrogen Analyzer



Application:Agriculture,Industrial,Medicine and Acakemy

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NK2000 Full Automatic Kjeldahl Nitrogen Analyzer

Product introduction:

It also called Automatic Protein Tester. It is used for testing protein content and nitrogenous compounds in grain, food, dairy products, drink, meat,feed, soil, medicine, chemicals and others. The test method confirms to GB code, ISO, and etc

Product features:

1.  Patented CPU and PLC control unit.

2. 7.2” True color Touch Screen

3.  Eco-Friendly operating interface.

4.  Fitted with RS485 data interface. Easy operation and can be connected to PC.

5. Full Automatic.  Unattended Operation from Sample feeding to completion of analyzing.

6.  Auto clean system. No mixture of samples. and Keep the accuracy and precision.

7.  Germany Imported core parts and keep system reliable.

8.  Free of cooling water. Work lotion Dilute Sulhuric Acid. Max save cost.

9.  Auto Sample feeding system.

auto kjeldahl nitrogen analyzer

Technical parameters:

1.Range : 0 ~240mgN (4 ranges) Minimum Value 0.02mgN
2.Density Accuracy : when RSD ≤1.0mg/L ,5%;when RSD≥1.0mg/L,1%
3.Relative Error : RE ≤±10%(≤1mg/L NH3-N)

≤±5% (≥1mg/L NH3-N)

4.Measuring Speed : 4~8min/sample
5.Data Storage : Effective Memory 6G
6.Display : 7.2”True Color Touch Screen
7.Operation Temperature : 10~40°C
8.Operation Humidity : Max 80%(relative)
9.Power : AC200~240V /50/60HZ
10.Heating Power : 120W

Measurement time : 4-8 minutes

Measurement sample amount :Solid: <6g/sample;liquid:<16ml./sample

Titration precision :



Titrating solution concentration : 

Direct titration samples with four titration concentrations of 0.1 mol, 0.2 mol, 0.5 mol and 1 mol

Titration system : 

High-precision plunger type titration system

High-precision peristaltic titration system

Executive standard :

Comply with stipulations of AOAC, EPA, DIN, ISO and GB

Repeatability precision : ±0.5%

Recovery ratio : ≥99.5%

Data storage : Effective storage space 2G

Print function : 

110mm line printer which can realize user selective print function

Power : 1,800W

Power supply : 220V/50Hz

Requirement of cooling water : Under 25℃

Cooling water consumption : 1.5L/min(Distillation process)

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