Soil Compaction Test Meter
Soil Compaction Test Meter

Soil Compaction Test Meter




product details

Soil Compaction Test Meter(TJSD-750-II)


Detailed Product Description 
Measuring depth: 0-375mm 
Test soil compaction 
Store each sampling data to the main machine 
Not only can test soil compaction, but also can save the sampler data, RS232 connection which can connected with computer, with saving, printing function, with GPS orientation system, can show the longitude and latitude of the testing area. 
Technical Parameters: 
Test depth: 0-375mm 
Max load: 10000Kpa 
Resolution: 0.1Kpa 
Accuracy: ± 1% 
Working temperature: -10° C— 60° C 
Output interface: RS232 
Power: Chargeable battery, charger (charge voltage: 100V-240V) 
Shape dimension: 140mm*750mm

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