Soil Solution Sampler
Soil Solution Sampler

Soil Solution Sampler




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Soil Solution Sampler


1. Application:

Used in the field to extract soil solution of different levels in situ, widely used in agricultural production, scientific research. It has vital significance for environmental pollution monitoring, groundwater, etc.

2. Characteristics:

Use the advanced negative pressure suction way and 31 mm large ceramic head, it can sampling quickly.

Extracting the solution from inside pipe within positive or negative pressure.

Continuous using is available, it also can be used in different places repeatly as well.

Don't need to decomposite earth, so it will not  destroy the scene structure.

3.Method of use:

(1)It can be buried in any places, and maximum depth reachs to 15M.

(2)According to the need and posibility, the length of the instrument can be 15CM, 30CM, 45CM, 60CM, 90CM and 120CM.

(3)In the palce where needs to extract the soil solution, the diameter of drill should be 32 MM, chose the hole of the right depth, and vertically insert the sampler to the hole, also pay attention to set aside the surface height. If soil diameter drill is too big, you can backfill the surface soil to the pipe wall still to good contraction. If the soil is very dry, the soil should be moistened, and put into the botton of drilling, the ceramic head should be packed closely.

 (4) Lock the pipes with stop-water ring to close it.

 (5) Insert the manual air pump interface to the pressure pipe port, drow out the gas in sampling tubes to 80-100 Kpa. Bending the gas rubber pipe and close the stop-gas ring with the same way. Take off the air pump interface, at this time, hold the negative pressure in the sampler.

 (6) For most of the soil, a few hours later, it is possible to gain the soil solution, for very dry soil, it needs to operate many times or several days.

 (7) During extracting solution,insert the manual air pump interfacet into the port of pressure pipe and let letoff pipe and stop-water ring go, drive the positive pressure into pressure pipe, under the water outlet pipe, placed a prepared container, when air pressure reachs to a certain extent, the solution will flow out.

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