Portable Soil Hardness Meter
Portable Soil Hardness Meter

Portable Soil Hardness Meter




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Portable Soil Hardness Meter


Functional features

1.High accuracy and high resolution: large screen LCD display, with backlight function (backlight for night use), inverted reverse function of numbers on the screen.
2. Battery capacity display: divide into 3,2and1 grids. If battery capacity is too low, the instrument will shut down automatically.
3. Gravity acceleration setting function: users can input the exact value of gravity acceleration of testing site to make the test more precise.
4. Peak value maintaining function: maintain the peak value display until zero adjustment manually.
5. Automatic peak function: maintain displaying the peak values for 2S before automatic elimination.
6. Large memory storage function: can store 896 measuring values.
7, Data output function, data can be imported to the computer for various analysis
8, Auto-off time setting: 10min-90 min automatic shutdown can be set.
9, High quality charging power: 100-240v of charging voltage can be available.
Technical Parameter
1,   Model, TYD-2.
2,   Maximum load: 100Kg (Kg and N can be switched automatically).
3,   Resolution: 0.01Kg.
4,   Accuracy: ±0.5%.
5,   Measuring depth: 0~450mm.
6,   Power, charging power supply: 220V/AC, Continuous operating time of battery,6~8 hours
7,   Stability, temperature drift: 0.2uV/°C(0-60°C),Null drift,≤ 0.1%/8 hours /FS
8,   Calibration range: full-scale calibration.
9,   Ambient temperature: 0~ 60°C.
10, Ambient humidity: ≤ 80%.
11, Allowable overload: 150%.

12, Power supply mode: 5 nickel cyanogens battery /220V AC charge 4~6hour.

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