Soil Tension Meter/Soil Tensiometer
Soil Tension Meter/Soil Tensiometer

Soil Tension Meter/Soil Tensiometer




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Soil tension meter/Soil tensiometer


Model: TEN-15/-30/-45/-50/-60/-90/-100/-120


soil tensionmeter is made up of pressure gauge, acrylic tube and ceramic probe, when the acrylic tube is filled with water, ceramic probe gets wet and it can prevent outside air into the ceramic probe .if there is pressure difference between measured soil water potential and tensionmeter, water in tensionmeter, will infiltrate into the measured soil until in reaches equilibrium state. At this moment, the value shown by the pressure gauge is the measured soil water potential.

Instrument components: tensionmeter tube, pointer type pressure gauge, soil water potential optional component: earth probe is recommended to prepuce.

Technical parameter:

Length can be made according to the customer demand. (Standard length is the length of transparent polycarbonate tube in the middle of tensionmeter tube)

Ten-90: length (90cm)  Testing range: 1 Bar (1 Bar = 100 Kpa)

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