Low Temperature Cabinet
Low Temperature Cabinet

Low Temperature Cabinet




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Low Temperature Cabinet

Model:CZ series


1. Microcomputer automatic set and control temperature, humidity and time

2. Control system has functions of defrosting, delay, overheat alarm, automatic dehumidifying, jet lag correcting, ultraviolet radiation sterilizing

3. Made by stainless steel, air cooling system, anti-frost

4. Multi-security protection (electric shock and leakage, overload, overflow, compressor delay start) 


Technical parameter:

-Temperature range:  1-10°C

-Temperature accuracy: ±1°C

-Humidity range: 40%-60%RH

-Humidity controlling accuracy: ±7%RH

-Control mode: automatic

-Power: 220V 50HZ 


Model difference:

CZ-450FC   Volume: 450L (double door)

CZ-1000FC   Volume: 1000L (2 double-door)

CZ-1600FC     Volume: 1600L (3 double- door)

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