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Rice Huller

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Rice Huller 


JLGL4.5 inspection rice huller is an essential equipment widely used for grain, seed, agriculture college, commercial inspection and scientific research department etc., to analyze the husk rate, the quality of rice, the activity of seed, speedy sprouting and husking experiment.

Adopting aluminium alloy as the material, the huller is made by one-off molding and assembled with brass sheet. Suitable rubber roller, elastic roller equipment and wind adjusting equipment for different kind of paddy allow customers to adjust the huller get a husk rate upward of 99% for different kind of paddy. What’s more, the huller can separate rice and bran completely and keep the rice unbroken, smooth and not black.


Main Specification:

1)     Model: JLGJ4.5

2)     Outer size: 208*140*207mm

3)     Motor voltage: 220V; power: 80W; rotation speed: 5500r/min.

4)     Rubber roller size: 40*45mm

5)     Bearing model: 18(4pcs); 25(1pcs)

6)     Weight: 3.5kgs

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