Magnetic Metal Detector
Magnetic Metal Detector

Magnetic Metal Detector




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Magnetic metal detector

Model: JJCC

Magnetic metal detector introduction:

Magnetic Metal Meter is a specialized instrument for testing magnetic metal content in flour food. It applies to the department of quality supervision, flour processing, food storage and transportation, marketing, scientific research and so on.

Magnetic metal detector technical parameters:
Magnetic induction: ≥ 120mT

Ferromagnetic area size: 130mm*130mm

Separating plate size: 210mm*210mm*6mm

Power: AC220±22V, 50HZ, 1A

Motor (double scraper) rotation speed: 50r/min

Electromagnet attractive force: ≥40kg

Sample size: ≤1KG

Recovery rate: ≥ 95%

Size: 255*275*385mm

Weight: 12kg

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