Whirlwind Mill/Grinder Machine
Whirlwind Mill/Grinder Machine

Whirlwind Mill/Grinder Machine




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Whirlwind Mill/Grinder Machine



Whirlwind Mill/Grinder Machine Principle:

Lab Whirlwind Mill adopts high-speed cyclone grinding principle, slowly joined in the sample feed opening by the high-speed rotary impeller flow throw on the milling room, was stroked into powder, by the way the wind way to get into the sample collection bottles, in order to obtain the required samples.

Whirlwind Mill/Grinder Machine Characteristics:

Suitable for making grinding samples, efficiently and rapidly grind wheat, corn, rice, mung bean, soybean and so on.

Provide biochemical index such as falling number, gluten parameter, viscosity and so on with standard powder samples.

Creative return air wind path, reduce sample loss, improve flour yield

Touch key, prevent dust pollution, improve reliability

Grinding process without losing protein and fat content

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Whirlwind Mill/Grinder Machine Technical Parameters:

Motor power: 370 W

Impeller speed: 10,000 turn / min

Expected average flow: 150 g / min

Smash the fineness: 60-100 mesh

Grinding out rate: > 98%


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