SZC-D Fat Analyzer
SZC-D Fat Analyzer

SZC-D Fat Analyzer




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SZC-D Fat Analyzer


Soxhlet extraction, for the determination of the weight of principle,soak, extraction, heating, condensation and solvent recovery in one. Automatic temperature control the entire sealed in the form of electric heating,More uniform heating, safe, well-sealed facilities,At the same time, 6 samples can be tested, there is no leakage of waste,Choice of temperature as needed,speed fast;Reagent can be recycled,Low cost,Immersion and solvent recovery to complete。 Therefore, it own well-designed, stable and reproducible, high precision, easy to operate, labor-saving, time-saving advantages.




1. Full closure of electrical heating,at room temperature~200℃ Arbitrary regulation;
2. Automatic temperature control digital display;
3. Circuit control system for non-contact, an enclosed heating system;
4. Timer remind alarm and Automatically stop heating;
5. Overtemperature protection;
Technical parameters:
1. Measure Range: Crude fat content ≥ 0.5% ;
2. Measure quantity: 6 samples at same time;
3. Solvent reclaim rate ≥ 80%;
4. Precision: Relative difference≤ 3%, Parallel difference ≤ 0.3%;
5. Reclaim rate:≥ 99% (backflow Speed 120 drop/minute, Cooling water temperature≤30℃);
6. Heating: Aluminum Alloy plate, electric heating;
7. Timer remind alarm and Automatically stop heating;Overtemperature protection;
8. Working power: 220V±10%, 50~60HZ;
9. Rated power: 500W;
10. Temperature control range: Room temperature~200℃;
11. Temperature control precision: ±0.3℃;
12. Size:560×390×625mm;

13. Weight:25kg;


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